May 7th, 2007

Writing while Lucy glares at you

Revealed miracles in our time

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Some people would call that coincidence, and maybe it is. But it's an odd bit of coincidence, given that nothing in the Daily Dose heretofore has had any relation to the topic of mass shootings. The Holocaust has come in passing in "How can we have faith in the post-Holocaust era." type questions, but this was so specific to what I was reading about. I feel like I should photocopy the page and clip it to the page in the book so that when I pass it on to the next person, it will go with that insight.

And with that thought ended, I move on to the concept of women in prayer and specifically the introductory lecture I heard yesterday.
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The Rabbi used the phrase, "If we wanna go all Leviticus (technical detail oriented) on this Mishna...." Sometime in my life, I want to be able to use that phrase in discussion.
Fairytale Princess Amy

short takes

1. At some point this weekend there was a creature in my office that was non-human. I suspect mouse. That sorta freaked me out. I worked the afternoon from home.
2. Divorce bites the wax tadpole. I do not know this from personal experience or anything like it, but brrrrrr, what I do know from the outside has me really confused and upset. And I'm not even in it. I'm not expressing this next thought coherently, but it centres around the idea that when "us" works, it works well, but when "us" becomes "you" and "me" again, not so much. It does reconfirm a long-held belief of mine that a relationship is doomed when one of the parties believes themselves to be "better" than the other one going into the relationship. Eventually, that will out and twist the relationship.
3. I purchased a new prayer book today that's women's oriented. What Rabbi Jacobs said make me evaluate my praying rituals. I'm not saying I'm ditching my old trusty Art Scroll, far from it, the new book is also an Art Scroll, but it's good for me to explore, to sanctify myself with what's permitted, as the RAMBAM would say.
4. I think I'm missing having a taskbar, so I'll reboot.