June 14th, 2007

Cor DM (Penfold)

Rambling grumblings

Move is today and apparently I'm stressing.
All I know is spent all last night packing up my...office which changed to a dorm room(?), because apparently even I can't fill a whole dream with packing my office. That's just not that much stuff in there!

And then my brain started adding in backstory about how I wasn't sure where was going after I finished grad school, because I had no job lined up and I was going to have to go back to KY to live with my parents.


Packing, btw, took me about 20 minutes this morning. The only things left are the things I want for today: my fan, my calendar, some printouts which I intend to bring home to use tomorrow, the candy bowl, and my phone headset. (and Marsha, but she doesn't get packed, she gets hand-carried home.)
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