June 27th, 2007

Fairytale Princess Amy

What does this say?

Abebooks has picked their top 10 weirdest cookbooks.
I have 1, 2, and 3. And I'm considering getting 6 and 7.
Edit: Correction, I just ordered 3 copies of 7. one for me, and two others for people who, darn it, read this blog at least once in awhile.
So, do not buy this book if you are tempted and meet the following other conditions:
1) We've discussed Wookies in great depth.
2) You've been featured in at least 2 episodes of soliefriends.
3) You see me regularly.
4) You are Rocker or QAGoddess.
(Sorry, I gave up trying to come up with a nice exclusive list)

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Cinderella rag to dress

freaked, but fine (AKA reason eleven hundred and ninety one I love living in Bedford)

So when I got home from work today, the front door was open. I thought for a moment, hoppie was home and was working in the garden or something, although that's unusual. When I opened the garage, though, hoppie's car wasn't here. So I raced upstairs, really freaked about all the things that could be missing. Nothing was. In the high winds this afternoon and because of the swelling of the door jam because of the heat, the door hadn't closed properly and swung open on it's own.

I love this town.

And as if that weren't enough, I mahjjed 4 times tonight. The last time was during the last game when I picked up the very last tile of the very last wall to complete the last pair I needed. Boy was I excited!

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