August 15th, 2007

Kimber sad

So here's to the girls on the go -- Everybody tries.

My grandmother is in a coma and isn't expected to recover.
One of my cousins who lives in NY found her unconscious in her house.
Here's a picture of me and my grandma.

My grandma and haven't been as close in recent years, as she hates to travel, and I hate NY, but she's always been a presence in my life. I have treasured memories of she and grandpa trashing me and dad at canasta, shopping, her practical advice on coping with jetlag, and making good decisions.

Please feel free to use the comments space to share a treasured memory or thought about a loved one you're missing.

I'll screen comments in case you want to say something not for public consumption. Please indicate in the comment whether you want it shared or not.
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overscheduled much?

In order to get my ipod from Tril, who lives 20 minutes from me, she's going to have to mail it.

We're way too busy.

Edit: But that Tril is a smart cookie. She may have found a way to get it to me anyway! (Through my favorite accidental courier service.)