September 10th, 2007

Baseball fight (from Preamble)

Rewarding good behavior

MLB has a Man of the Year award that recognizing outstanding achievements OFF the field. Nominees are listed in this article:

The article explains the achievements and community services supported by the players. Every team has submitted one nomination. The public then selects one player from every division (AL/NL East/West/Central) and the winning players go on to a vote by the MLB players.

I don't know if every vote sends a message to the players and the league that the fans care about charitable contributions, but it makes me feel better that MLB recognizes that all people have a responsibility to the whole.
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Bite them

Dear Self

Thank you for requesting a note that a certain section functions identically to the previous version. Without that note, I would have entirely rewritten the section from correct to a shameless lie because the section is missing a particular exclusion that should be there.
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