October 3rd, 2007

Donald tantrum/rant

Spammers WTF

Still getting bounces and spam rejection notices. From 6 this morning and still going. This idiot is darn lucky he has anonymity to hide behind because I'm mad enough to strangle him with my bare hands. (On the other hand, I'm heartened by the VAST number of rejections notices. Much more than the last time someone spoofed my domain for this.)
Edit: Still getting bounces. Some jerk is pretending to be from my domain right now! Grrrrrrr.
Have much loathing for anyone who steals my name and does bad things with it.
Fairytale Princess Amy

Now that we're together and we're where we belong...

bold what you have read
italicize what you started but didn't or couldn’t finish
strike through what you couldn’t stand
underline those on your to-read list
Add an asterisk to those you’ve read more than once
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PS: You can't claim there's no mystique and destiny for the Red Sox and Rockies while claiming that there is for Yankees, Mr. Writers Radio. Just no.