October 23rd, 2007

Fairytale Princess Amy

When after all it's just a compromise of the things we do for love

Wow. Has it been that long since I've uploaded pictures? I've screwed it up in more ways than I have albums. (Before you ask, wrong password (using the domain login instead of the hosting login (stupid hosting providers has different logins for everything), wrong directory (twice)...okay, that's pretty much it.)
Trip to Maryland, Aug 5, 2007

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Rosh Hashana Which is really just pictures of Alan, with like one picture of Benjamin and whoever the heck we were with at the time. 8-)

Notice the complete absence of Laura. Had she shown up, I might have made an effort to take pictures, but since she didn't, neither did I. Hoppie took all of these.

Pictures of Hoppie and Carla's Birthday party.

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We burned through three sets of batteries on the camera. I'll need to buy more. Not bad for an afternoon.

I desperately crave soda. Don't know why.
Fairytale Princess Amy

Do not want...

Am stalling. Do not want to go home for there I must embark on the dreaded "shoe shopping" for husband for the weekend. Ugh.

Must call sister-in-law and/or brother to discuss weekeng. Must stop putting off as is no good reason to be avoiding. Ugh.

Ugh. Lists of things to do. Crossed one of them off. Go me. It's not me that's shaking. It's this darned keyboard. Someone apparently thought it would be fun to put it on a lumpy backdrop. That must be it. Can't be me.

Must call and anti-rsvp for party this weekend.