October 31st, 2007

Spinning wheel danger/suspense

Not a witch (Yes! o witch!)

I'm dressed as "Not a witch" today. Long flowing modest skirt. Peasant style top with puffy sleeves. Simple earrings. Hair in a modest bun (no cap, couldn't find an appropriate one, but they would have removed it anyway, athough probably pulled my hair loose too...I'm having some authenticity issues). I have a rope tied into a lead rope to attach to my wrists. I have a cross, but it's a rosary, which is period incorrect, unless I claim to be an Irish ex-pat, probably serving in the house of a grand lady of Danvers.

So that's my costume. I'm an accused witch. Whether I am a witch or not I leave as an exercise to the beholder, but I will continue to insist that I am *not* a witch.
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