December 27th, 2007

Cheshire cat

While I'm ranting anyway...

I'm not a Christian. I have no vested interest in Christianity or any of the trappings of Christianity.

And yet...

I really, really hate this trend of referring to Christmas as Hogswatch and Santa Claus as the Hogsfather. It's not cute, it's not charming or funny. It's deliberately insulting, intentionally belittling, and petty. In this age of religious tolerance that includes being tolerant of those who do not believe in religion, it's ridiculous that this term has proliferated the way it has. Yes, I get it. Not everyone believes in Christmas. And all those who do are clearly too stupid to live because OH NOES, they believe in a god. Now STFU and let people enjoy themselves.

If you don't like having a day off for NOT MY HOLIDAY! OMG! Then work and ask for a comp day.

Do you think if I liked the Discworld novels, I'd be less offended?