January 30th, 2008

Friendship according to Jane

This dance ain't for everyone, only the stupid people...

When I'm upset, I tend to walk around with my filters off. Filters are those really wonderful things that generally keep you from staying stupid stuff. So I've been walking around, basically like a guy, saying whatever stupid stuff comes to mind.

But not everything that comes to mind is totally stupid...
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I was looking through Greg's lj for something and I came across this picture of Greg, Maya, and Faeryn.

And finally travel plans.
Here's what's going on in my wee little head:
The service is on Sunday, February 10th.
I'm thinking we go down there on Friday. Lori has a concert on Friday night, so Hoppie and I are thinking of saying with my friend's Nechama and Eliezer, which means quality child time, which should be a good distraction. Saturday night, we eventually pry ourselves away from Nechama and Eliezer and the kids (which usually takes several hours) and go to Lori's. Sunday drive down to Charlottesville with Lori and Janice (we're still working out details), and then Sunday night either we go back to Lori's or we stay with Maya, depending on what Maya needs. We can make that a game-time decision, I think. Then Monday we come back home and get back to planning a service up here.

And that's what we're thinking.
Fairytale Princess Amy

Little things

For those of us who are bookish and want to send Maya books, she reads mysteries, and fiction that's kinds girly fiction, but not chicklit. Wholesome fiction like The Good Earth. I understand what she means, but I'm not sure I can articulate it. I'm hoping you can just "get it" from what I've said.
Fairytale Princess Amy

Our travel info

So after accidentally booking the flight from Feb 8 to March 11, we now have this for final arrangements.

And can I just give a shout out (honk! honk!) to southwest.com for having a very easy way to change tickets online.

Fri Feb 08 994 Depart MANCHESTER NH (MHT) at 11:20 AM
Arrive in BALTIMORE-WASHNTN (BWI) at 12:55 PM
Mon Feb 11 3679 Depart BALTIMORE-WASHNTN (BWI) at 6:05 PM
Arrive in MANCHESTER NH (MHT) at 7:20 PM

We will be renting a car, I'm booking that next. We will try to get the biggest non-SUV we can find so we can cram people into it.
Donald tantrum/rant

Between here and there...

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I did some shopping at lunch time at a great store with good prices, good value, good selection, good quality and DREADFUL hours. M-F 10-5:30, 'cause women who need clothing never work! Anyway that stuff is ready to be packed.

I spoke to Maya briefly earlier. She was on the way to the funeral home to make some arrangements. They were able to identify Greg from his work ID photo so the family was spared that miserable task at the very least.

That's all I know.
Marci in love


First I found the original of this picture. I will not upload it, because Greg altered it for a reason. But just you know, I found it.

My wedding pictures. They were cleverly concealed in my CD archive, in the photo CD section, on a CD confusing labled, "Wedding CD". I must expect the worst because I never check the place something should be first. I just always assume it's not there.

And this picture of me, which hubbit was just complaining he hasn't seen in ages and misses. Who could miss that? It looks like she could cheerfully make and feed a poisoned apple to anyone.

I'll link this in properly tomorrow, but here's a picture of:

dahrocker (off in the distance), filkergem, tober, Leah, Lori lensedsqo, jtn, mrsjtn, hoppie, me, hr_macgirl, and ckd. It looks like I'm pulling on hr_macgirl's ear, but I'm not. I'm actually holding Greg's hand.
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