February 21st, 2008

Fairytale Princess Amy

There's 40 shillings on the drum for men who volunteer to come

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Blah. My lunch date cancelled on me. She's sick. Boo.

I'm surprised at how much time you can waste at a site like this:http://accent.gmu.edu/

My car's "check engine" light is on. The guy at the service station told me to call him next week if it persists. He was very sweet though and assured me it's probably nothing.

Changes in other people's software are causing our integrated help system to fail. *kicks something*

Must not talk to people. I'm having to fight the urge to tell them off for stupid stuff they do every day that doesn't normally bother me. It is days like this in which I account it high time to head out to sea, before I do start kicking off hats in the streets and bringing up the rear of funeral processions.