March 3rd, 2008

honk if you love the sox

Spring training

Listening to the Marlins/Red Sox game. I was a bit surprised to hear a commercial for Hanley Ramirez. I just can't help thinking of him as a Red Sox player and it's weird to hear him being used to advertise Florida. It's still a bit strange to me to hear any baseball commercial advertising a single player as a draw. That's the disadvantage of the small-market team. Who would Boston pick to showcase if they only show off *1* player.

Baseball fans, if your team of choice could only highlight one player, who would you pick?
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Relay For Life of Mecklenburg County, NC

Brian and Sissy are putting together a Relay team, which (and I will quote from my Sissy) "is all about solidarity and awareness."
Please join their team. You do not have to donate money to join.
Here's the rest of info she provided:
Go here:

and click "join our team"
It'll give you a choice of joining with a CC or donating off-line by check or other means.
Choose the "Participant Registration--cash or check," then enter your info.
If you want to donate, that's awesome, or if you want to do a luminaria or whatever.
But mostly we want a big huge list of names of people committed to finding a way to kick cancer's ass.