March 11th, 2008

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More trouble brewing
No. No. No. No! Do not want!
I scored a 22. So you may all commence to bragging about how much smarter you are than me. 8-)

I'm at sixes and sevens this morning. I think it started last night when I fell out of bed running from something in my nightmare and hit my head on the nightstand. It didn't hurt much. I've just got a scrape and some bruising on my chin. (Do not laugh. It is not...alright, it is a little funny.) And then on my way to work, I went the wrong direction twice. Once is okay, maybe a little distracted, but TWICE? Argh. And I overslept past when I wanted to.

And my plans for tomorrow are being all disarrayed which means I have to rearrange my plans for tonight, if I can. Damnit. Actually, it completely screws up the rest of the week. But why should everyone else suffer because my life is too crowded to live?

Finished thing I've been working on. Yea! Need to block it now and then it's all ready.

Saw jtn, kyzoku, karnil, and Simon and Molly last night. Those kids are SO cute.