March 25th, 2008

Marci in love


So I bought 22 of the 23 Lovejoy books. The books themselves were cheap, but they kill you on the shipping charges. Insane. All in all, it wasn't awful, I guess. Feels awful. It always bugs me when I spend more on shipping than on the books. Seems wrong somehow. Was able to use a coupon and will get 4% back through ebates, so maybe I'll feel less annoyed about it later.

I need to create a website to track the series I want and the ones I have. I do have the information my Palm, but I feel like it should be on the internet somewhere. Thoughts?

The reason I didn't buy the twenty third one? The cheapest copy was 32$. It's Number 22 in the series, so I have awhile before I need to find it.

Sox just took the lead. Still anybody's game. And we have a pitching change.
"...puts the Red Sox ahead for the first time this season." srsly? It's day 1. That should only be mentioned if it's true in week two or beyond. It's too lame for a first game. Thanks for that brilliant insight, Castig.

Good morning!
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Stepping it up

Last year, a local furniture store ( ran a promotion where if you bought furniture within a time period, and the Red Sox won the world series, the furniture was free. This year the insurance company is underwriting another similar promotion except the Red Sox must sweep the World Series. Think they're feeling the pain from last year?

First game of the 2008 season and we're going to extra innings!
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Booking through Thursday, and Hitting through Tuesday...

Booking Through Thursday

You’ve just reached the end of a book . . . what do you do now? Savor and muse over the book? Dive right into the next one? Go take the dog for a walk, the kids to the park, before even thinking about the next book you’re going to read? What?

(Obviously, there can be more than one answer, here–a book with a cliff-hanger is going to engender different reactions than a serene, stand-alone, but you get the idea!)

Generally, I'll take a few minutes to think about what I've read and process it. That can be a very brief period though. And sometimes my only thought is, "Well, that was hardly worth it." I do tend to think over things for long periods of time, so even if I pause only for a few moments to contemplate, it's quite likely I'll return to my contemplation that night before I go to sleep. Because I do a lot of contemplation.

Sox win! Okajima wins Matsusaka's game. For some reason, I love that. I love that Okajima had a better season (pound for pound) than Matsusaka last year, and I love that he returns to Japan and wins the first game of the regular season for the Sox. Baseball. Because everything else just sucks.

I feel so sorry for the fans of teams that have to wait for the regular season to start.
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Fancy Meeting you here

Had a funny experience yesterday. I hope it writes up as well as it lives.

lensedsqo and I were meeting aaron_b for dinner last night. Jan offered to pick up some stuff for me, but I didn't want her to stress about how to carry it (since she was carrying her own stuff as well). We went back and forth with a few different updates. In the last update, at around 6, she told me she had accidentally gone to the wrong place and was going to catch a bus to take her to the right place. Meanwhile, I was early enough that I thought I could get some of my own shopping done. I mosey on through Brighton, hitting nearly every red light before finding a spot on the next block from the grocery story, and across the street from the bagel shop. I park, decide I'm too far up, move the car back a bit. Park again. Check the meter, which has 30 minutes on it. "Plenty of time" I think to myself, as dinner is in 25 minutes, so I should have returned to the car by then.

I decide to go the bagel shop first, so I don't have to carry around wine, if they have it, so I cross the street. Right in front of a bus. "Oh, I bet Janice is on the bus. Hrm. She could come with me, if she wants." She sees me around the same time I see her. "You can come with me, if you want." I call in the open bus door. Janice gets off the bus. We thank the bus driver who smiles at us and drives us. For a second there's like an awkward "Now what" thing, then we laugh and continue about our business.

We were not able to buy wine because it was after 6 and the grocery store was already closed, but we did make it to dinner plenty early. Aaron was already though there. Some people gots to be showing off.

Unrelated: Jonathan Kalbfeld got married. (