April 4th, 2008

Fairytale Princess Amy

Little things

I put my picture frame back on rotate yesterday. I'd forgotten how cheery that is. There's Greg and Maya. There's Elaine, D and M. Oh, there's the EBOAI crowd. Mom and Asher. Me, mom, Dad, and Aunt Diane (z'l), Rocker in a tux, Hunter and Asher with the ladies, lil'Marci with one of Lucy's pups, Hoppie and Kevin, The Hopkins men at some wedding or other. Actually I think it was back to back Cindy and Zoe's. Asher with dinosaur. Jon2 and hoppie. Hoppie and baby Heather, Yehudis and baby DL. E and R. Nat at Sean's Bar Mitzvah. Me and Maya and Hoppie, Lindsay and Jamie....

Non-stop love. Aw. There's Brian and Nat at Slugger Field. Me and Newsiw. Ben and sleeping Nat. Greg mini-golfing, benny and hoppie, (I can quit anytime.) GWYD!

Back to focusing on my workstation. Work! Work!
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