May 2nd, 2008


A word on inevitability

Despite knowing a thing is inevitable, we always expect a different outcome. Sometimes we hope for a different outcome. Sometimes we fear the different outcome, but regardless of what we feel, here's the's inevitable. It's going to happen. There is no possible chance it will happen any differently. And yet...maybe this time will be different. But, I know it's inevitable, but...maybe....this will be the one time it won't turn out that way.

Inevitability in a random world is a hard concept to grasp. Logic suggests it shouldn't exist, but experience consistently bears it out. (Please no comments about how humans only retain data that supports their conclusions. It's ridiculous on its face. We're equally likely to remember outliers and deviants because they cause logical disorder, and if you're documenting everything, you'll have notes on any outcomes that arise, whether they support your theories or not.) Of course you can toss a coin 100 times and get heads every time and from that you could conclude that heads is inevitable when it isn't. It could occur naturally or indicate a skew in test environment.

Or it could be inevitable. In which case, it's just annoying.

And before you think you know what spawned this thought, you don't. In a month or two, I probably won't either if I don't make a memorandum of it. But I won't because it doesn't require being coupled to an event. Inevitability is a universal concept that transcends mere incidences.
Giggle loop

Dear self

You created scripts to save yourself the trouble of manually making the same changes repeatedly. Maybe you should run them instead of manually making the changes?
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