May 12th, 2008

Dodo know it all

Photo updates

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Fairytale Princess Amy


This is not set in stone or anything, but I'm throwing it out into the world to see how the universe feels about it.
Leave Boston, Sunday June 8th and drive to loloformdy.
Spend a couple of days working/playing/visiting in the area with (see above), Nechama+kids, and kyttn.
Leave on the 11th to drive the rest of the way to NC to help with the move.
Come home at some point. Haven't gotten that far.
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Dreamy sleeping beauty by peaces_icons

Blogging in yesterday

I'm going back through filkergem's blog trying to see if he mentioned what brand of shake flashlight he had. I came across this. I wish more people had posted then. And I'm glad I didn't wait until it was too late to tell him what he means to me.

I did not find out anything about the flashlight. So if anyone has recommendations (or anti commendations), I'd love to hear them.
Documentation Damsel in a Dress

It's a very big mountain

Dana: How 'bout this? If I shot you out of a missile silo, you'd have to go 29,000 feet in order to clear the peak of Everest, land on a pile of rocks in Tibet, and shut the hell up.
Jeremy: I'm just saying, it's a big mountain.
Dana: And I hear ya.