June 5th, 2008

Fairytale Princess Amy

Today's bentos

No pictures. I was too lazy, particularly after I spilled half a bottle of V8 on the floor which I then had to clean.
Hoppie has a meat bento, not in his bento box (which is dairy) containing:
turkey sandwich with mayo on whole wheat bread. This is from the turkey we crock-potted on Monday.
Collapse )
Some of the very little stuffing left over after two days of eating.
A grape smushed fruit bar
A granola bar
Assorted Apple chips.

My bento (dairy and in the box)
A peanut butter and pineapple jelly sandwich
Babaganoush and tabouli with pita
A string cheese stick
A smushed fruit, grape also, I think
A potato sticks package
A chex mix package
A left-over granola bar from a previous lunch.

I know it's too much food and I won't finish it, but I'm basically okay with that.
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Baseball fight (from Preamble)

You know...

For a guy who just got suspended for 5 games, fined a buttload and tossed from the game, Coco Crisp seems very happy.

(Not to mention piled on by a bunch of (D) Rays).
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