June 11th, 2008

Fairytale Princess Amy


It might have been a little bit overly ambitious to go to work. It wasn't that long a walk to get into the building, but my whole body aches now and I feel like I need a nap. I thought I'd left the vultures with enough candy for the week, but they'd all but decimated the supplies, including the refill stocks. Fortunately, I had an emergency backup this time. Hoppie bought them more last week, so I can bring that in tomorrow.

And now this computer would like to reboot. So I think I'll do that.
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Sweet little lies

The biggest lie, I think, is telling yourself you've only got to make it through x. X is not alone in the universe. After you make it through x, you've got to get through y and z. And then suddenly you find yourself staring back at a, b, and c, thinking, "what the hell have I gotten myself into."

I'm going to do the blood draw now and then I'm going back home to bed.
Mushu depressed

Closing the circle

hGC level was 305 today. A normal, healthy miscarriage, no intervention required.
I scheduled a follow-up appointment for next week with my ob.
I cancelled the ultrasound and follow-up for that.
I'll need to go in for another quick round of blood work next Wed or Thursday, but then I should be all done.