July 10th, 2008

Black Canary

And I see you doing what I try to do for me...

*looking at phone "features"*
Detailed Billing -Get a thorough overview of your monthly bill with Detailed Billing. Includes comprehensive call details, including phone numbers dialed and received, call lengths, and call times. 1.99 a month

Since when is an itemized bill a "feature?"

So I did upgrade to the new phone. And I'll learn to live without an itemized bill in the mail. I can always check online for it, I guess. I keep telling myself its more green/one less thing to shred, but I still find that I'm not keen on it. This is the phone. The Nokia 6085 (The link is to the about.com auto-review)

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Take this Yiddish language survey. Even if you're not Jewish. They're looking for different perspectives. scooter, you will be amused by one of the questions.

Grrr. Hate summer. Want Lanna to come out and have adult talk with me, but with the kids out of school....sigh.
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The question of the day

Is the area over my left eye actually swollen or does it just look swollen because the right eye has a divot over it from where I tried to claw my face off one night when I had an especially bad migraine?
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