August 28th, 2008

Fairytale Princess Amy

You are so immature!

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I bought yarn yesterday for my new project. I don't have any confidence in finishing it, but I'll try. I finished Lisa's shawl a few weeks ago, even the fringe and blocking, but I haven't mailed her to tell it's done because I have no time to meet up with her. But I need to do that.

I saw Batman on IMAX and I wasn't disappointed, probably because my expectations were so low.
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Last night at Maaj, I was at a different table and didn't have to hear TheEvil talking politics and abusing Holly. I didn't win. Roberta was on fire. She just kept getting the tiles. I won one hand, and even that was a near thing. She was just unbeatable. But she's so slow. But I won one and Val one two, so we can't begrudge her 7 wins, can we? 8-)