September 2nd, 2008

Daffy Duck, mine! mine! mine!

The invisible meme

1. Review the questions.
2. Enter the best answer from your lj friends list.
3. Post.

Apparently you're only supposed to pass on the questions to those people foolish enough to promise to fill out the meme.
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Fairytale Princess Amy

Notes of the day

I love anything that uses that sound effect.

I just bought 6 2GB MicroSD cards for 25$ (the deal o'the day). They come in packages of 2 and include adaptor to regular SD. I pretty much need just one, so if you need one (and you're local) let me know. Although I might use a second one for my picture frame.
Fairytale Princess Amy

into it

So I started my new project Sunday and I got to row 6 today (crochet hour), but I forgot to bring it home, so I've started my next project. I'm halfway through row 1 and I'm using an afghan crochet hook, because my only F hook is at the office. Luckily I pretty much have the pattern memorized for the first 6 rows, so I'm good for tonight anyway.
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