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September 24th, 2008 - But here in my heart, I give you the best of my love.

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September 24th, 2008

07:58 am - The perfect Rosh Hashana dinner.
Seen on one of the announcements for a recipe site I read: "Surprise your family at dinner by serving an entree with a secret center: pork chops filled with dried apples...."

I bet they would be surprised. Also a little annoyed if I traif up the Kosher dishes.
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01:22 pm - Accents etc.
And I got my hair cut yesterday. I was trying to go to Joanne, Holly's niece, but because my accent is so strong on the phone, I ended up with Jen. She did a nice job, I guess. I was hoping for Joanne because I assumed she had some ideas of what she thought would look good on me. Jen, of course, having never seen me before, didn't have any ideas and I've no head for style (heh heh heh) so I just got a trim and a little layering/shaping.

And now, of course, I get to feel guilty when I call and make my next appointment, whenever that is, with Joanne.
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01:55 pm - Big Bang Theory
Yesterday's episode was one of the funniest yet. I see no option but to purchase the show.
One of the early scenes features Sheldon, AKA Hoppie doing laundry. He's carefully folding his shirts and she starts "helping" him by folding his socks. She fold them the same way I do. Take one sock and create a sock ball by putting the other sock into it. That's how my mother taught me to do it. Hoppie HATES it. He says it stretches out the sock (which it may well do. I stopped wearing socks in college and I usually lost them before I wore them out.). Hoppie was listening, rather than watching, so I made him run it back to watch it again. I said, "Now do you see why I think you're like Sheldon." He of course started to argue, but then I pointed out that we'd had conversation about it.

I laughed most of the way through the episode. That show is way funnier than it deserves to be.
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02:43 pm - Just one more update
For those of you who like voting on podcasts, I nominated the following podcasts that I listen to regularly and I encourage you, if you listen to podcasts, nominate your favourites, just for fun.

Or if you won't nominate yours, nominate mine:
In the Heath/Fitness category:
“The Infertiity Podcast”

In the Sports category
Sports Matters
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