November 21st, 2008

Donald tantrum/rant


filkertom linked this article, and while it's preaching to the choir, it seems worth spreading. When I was living (and voting) in Cincinnati a law was passed that made it legal for employers and landlords to discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation. The people promoting the law kept screaming that it was a law to prevent "special rights" for gays. What's special about not being kicked out of your home or denied the right to rent an apartment because someone doesn't approve of your relationship. If you were a minor living in your parents' house, it's acceptable for them to set "standards" of behaviour, no matter how arbitrary. When you're renting space from someone who has no moral authority to dictate your behaviour, it's wrong to grant them the legal authority to do it.

I've not forgotten. The right to live and work without discrimination isn't a special right, it's a human right. The right to marry without discrimination isn't a special right, it's a federal right. (I was going to say an American right, but in any society that recognizes marriage, it should be your right to be able to marry another consenting adult.)

So after forcing you to sit through that rant (even though I'm mostly preaching to the choir here), the article is here.
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Speaking of tech support

A story Tril told about her trip and resisting the urge to offer tech support reminded me of something that happened when I was at the second auto mechanic last week. As I was being processed to leave, a guy was standing next to me with sitting on a "Fatal Exception" error. I'd assumed he'd already tried to reset it with the back, but for some reason the Treo stylus doesn't actually fit the reset slot. The clerk gave us a safety pin, (oooh, old skool!) and it was the matter of a heartbeat before I'd reset the palm and left him very happy to go to the third mechanic.

Hoppie has a shirt, "No, I will not fix your computer." I need a button, "I will fix your gadget!"

[I] call every now and then just to hear your voice talk to me

What has surprised you the most about me (if anything) since joining my flist? Was anything completely unexpected or have I always fit the picture of me you have in your head? Post this in your own journal and see how you have surprised people

Hoppie and I were discussing verbal tics yesterday. Hoppie has a coworker who will preface the response to any question he knows the answer to with "so." If he's not sure of the answer, he prefaces his response with "Um." Wouldn't it be awesome if everyone did something like that? You would know immediately, before the answer even began whether it was knowledge or speculation. No more would we be in the situation where someone presents speculation as fact, it would immediately be obvious that you couldn't rely on the answer with certainty. This delights me. I wonder if I could cultivate a tic like this. It's practical and useful.