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Liers, Geeks, and people who park in non-designated parking spaces

So we did try to see Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy last night only to find that they'd lied about showing it at 9:30. We did get to see the Star Wars geeks in these makeshift bullpens. Rocker and Hoppie claim that because they were chained up and therefore out of our way, they were right about them. I claim they weren't because my point was the theatre would be crowded with them, even at 9:30, and it was.
Here's an artist's rendition of how it went down at the theatre, not because I think you care, just because it's a further illustration of...something.
TicketTaker: How can I help you.
Me: Three for Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
TT: Here you go.
I take the tickets and hand one each to rocker and hoppie. We go the theatre listed on the ticket. It is playing XXX. We look at the tickets more closely. The tickets also say XXX. We return to the ticket counter to ask the Ticket Taker if it matters.
TT: Oh, what did you want tickets for?
Me: Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (Thinking: Which sounds absolutely nothing like XXX.)
TT: That's not playing tonight.
Me: What?
TT: N-O-T P-L-A-Y-I-N-G.
Me: But it's advertised as having a 9:30 showing.
TT: Is there something else you'd like to see?
Next Customer: Can I really not get Star Wars tickets tonight?
No, they have the signs "STAR WARS: EPISODE III - Revenge of the Sith SHOW SOLD OUT" because they were so much fun to print and hang.
TT: That's right.
NC: What about tomorrow?
Me: You don't have an evening showing of Fever Pitch either? There was supposed to be a 10:00 show.
TT: No. To both of you. But for you, NC, I have tickets to some Friday shows. And for you, irate geek girl, I'll call a manager to issue you some passes.
Me and NC: But!

Hoppie's car cost 950$ish to get a repair/checkup, but hoppie says that will not interfere with the mini 2nd anniversary that we've got planned for this evening when we give each other valuable anniversary type presents (read: jewelry). I'm going to get him a chain for his pocket watch. I may have mentioned the pocket watch before and also the chain quest. But I'm optimistic. Afterwards we're going to finally go to Dalya's, a reportedly very nice local restaurant that kayranord gave us a gift certificate for. We've been saving it for a special occasion and going out to celebrate finally completing our anniversary presents seems like the perfect time.
I need new shoes again. My last comfortable pair of shoes has a hole in them. With luck, I'll be able to do some shopping tonight, otherwise, I'll have to go Sunday morning. I told hoppie last night and he was remarkably unsympathetic for someone who only wears one brand, type, and style of shoe, but then again, I buy most of his shoes without him, and he forgets the days when I had to hit 6 or 7 stores to find them. Behold this reenactment of the conversation:
Me: I need new shoes. These have a hole in them.
Hoppie: You've needed new shoes for awhile now.
Me: But now I actually need new shoes!
Hoppie: Go out and buy shoes. You have money.
Me: It's not the money! It's the shoes! It's impossible to find shoes I like.
Hoppie: Well, maybe we can do some shoe shopping tomorrow.
However in good news, there's every chance my 11:00 meeting will end on time or early, and there is no 1:00 meeting. I do have a 3:00 meeting though.
And on an unrelated note: I used the phase, "Cool, like whoa..." in my dream last night. At least, I hope it was in my dream. I'm not prepared to be the type of person who uses it in conversation.
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