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Another exercise in futility

Just came back from a meeting which no one went to because the project head is on vacation. Nevermind the fact that there is another manager more than happy to run the meeting. It's all academic because no one is working on the project. Most of us are working on another project or two. Boris, Scott and I are all working on various aspects of an entirely different project, sadly none of them are working on my piece, they have Elaine. I have Joe. Who for the first time in ever answered an email. Jan is working with Don on another project (I think the aforementioned brain falling out project, except I don't think Don does that. I have no idea what they're working on.) and Steve is working on this project, but isn't in the building. We conducted the meeting mostly in Scott's cube with Jan listening in (ha ha ha) from the next cube over (Don's) where he and Don were working. Peter, summoned, came and stood with me and Boris and esteemed manager outside Scott's. Steve was on AIM and we communicated with him through Scott's fingers.

Not much was resolved.
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