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Updates and miseries

Sister-in-law's birthday celebration went well. I think she liked what we got her. We found an amusing card: "At the age of 30, Alexander the Great had been dead for 4 years. You're doing better than that guy." My mother-in-law had her mother-in-law's emerald ring reset as as pendant for my sister-in-law. It's lovely.
Sleep continues to come unabated in 2 hour increments. And when I say, unabated, I'm not referring to frequency or duration of sleep, merely the consistency of the pattern. I guess I should be greatful it's high-quality sleep, even if it's not much and not contiguous.
I got an email reply from a friend I mailed back in March. I'd sorta given up hope of hearing from her, so that was nice.

I'm concerned about my car.
I took her to VIOC this morning and, forgetting the machinations those poor boys went through to change the air filter and transmission fluid, after all that, the tech comes around tell me that my tires were a bit low. The rear passenger tire was 5 pounds. "5 pounds down," I ask. "No. 5 pounds. Near flat. Next best thing to flat." "Oh."
That should not be happening. Hoppie just put air in my tires last week. That says "slow leak" to me, but it's all of the tires. They're all running low.
My front bumper is coming off too. I have to take it in and get an estimate. I'm sure it's not covered under the "bumper to bumper" warranty. And it's going to be expensive to replace. Makes me feel rather like crying.
So I took the car in. I think they're going to try to put the bumper back in place. That's good news. Or at least if it's bad news, they're going to defer it until they get Janice's doorhandle in. They've agreed that that can't be blamed on any mythical person hitting my car. They located a door handle in Boston and I'm to call tomorrow and see if they will get it. He said to pray no one in the Boston area needs a doorhandle other than me, because that's the only one locally that will fit my beautiful, but tormented, car.

The cool thing is while I was out and about, I got to listen to Curt in the Car.
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