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Long distance love affaire

I've been looking at long distance services for the past two days.

I lost the 305$ fair to SJC I was looking at yesterday (for Eric and Zoe's wedding), but I picked up one for 275$. I feel smoking!
So we have to stay in California an extra day....
For those in the SFBay/San Jose area who read this livejournal and aren't related to us, and therefore were already expecting us, plan on seeing us. We're arriving August 31st and staying through September 7th. And if any night owls with spare space want to offer a place to sleep, August 1st so I don't have to bother my cousins (We're arriving at SJC at 9:04), that's okay with me too.

Tell me while psychologically paying a flat monthly rate of 5$ sounds less irritating than paying a 50 cent surcharge per call with no monthly fee. I only make 4 or 5 long distance calls from my house a month. Most of my LD calling is done on my cellphone, because I'm never home. Realistically, the surcharges totalled are never likely to exceed the monthly fee. And yet, brain hates it. Why is this?
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