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Weekend roundup

Bar Mitzvah was amazing. a) Kids grow up so fast,

b) He did quite a lot for a reform service. He read the first, fifth, and sixth aliyot, Maftir, and Haftorah. And very well. His parents did 3 and 4 and one his cousins did 2. That was, incredibly sweet. Laura was cooking through hers too. Really warmed my heart, it did.
We got there a few minutes late. Hoppie just would not get out of bed. I was good. I didn't yell once he was out of bed.

Another afternoon party. That seems to be trend these days. I'm glad in a way, because an evening affaire would certainly have cut into Poker Night, and that's just too depressing for words.
There were no motivational dancers at this one, and during the early going of the party, it could certainly have used them. For what it's worth, I'm now a believer in the power of hot motivational dancers. They did play a number of fun games, including a hula contest.
He had those kids doing things will a hula that I wouldn't have believed kids could do. He had them turn (which I think I've seen before, but never so many people do so well), in both directions. He had them drop down to their knees AND get back up again. I was amazed. I've never been coordinated enough to keep a hoop working even for 5 minutes.
They had a musical chairs variant. The DJ would announce an item that the kids had to get from the adults like a high-heeled shoe, or a man's tie, or lipstick, or a jacket, or a member of the Bar Mitzvah kid's immediate family, and they would have to get the item and drag it back and sit in one of the remaining chairs. That got really funny in a hurry.
Then there was this line game, called Coke/Pepsi, which I have never in my life seen (raise your hands if you have or can tell me when this thing started) Where the DJ gave you a list of tasks you'd have to do when he shouted out a code word. "Coke!" "Sprite!" "Add a little Fizz" "Homer Simpson!" The people in the line ran to their partner and did or shouted whatever the DJ called for. Bizarre.

Now when we left in the morning, we'd locked ourselves out of the house, so when rocker came over, he let us back in so we could change and get ready for poker. Having Mike along was as fun as I thought it would be. We were all a little giddy and goodnatured. It was a fun game. Rocker enjoyed it too. I lost my original 10$ stake, and had to buy back in. Then Mike went home and gave me 1$ (for drawing an ace from the deck) and I held on to that for luck. It worked. I ended up winning back my original stake, plus an extra 15$. Yea me!
Jill has done some work on the house to get it ready for sale and it looks great.
Sunday, hoppie and I took forever to get out of the house, but 117 isn't that long, so we made it there with plenty of time. Oops. Just realized we s hould have unloaded the wine last night. Maybe I'll do that today. We stopped at the Nashoba Valley winery just for fun. There's an amazing carbonated Cider/Perry that makes me very happy. It goes well with summer and picnic food. If we didn't have an official drink at the Memorial Day Picnic, I'd bring it. I may anyway.
Alright, I should go make my eggs and pick up the wack a mole.
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