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War Without End: Part II

Hoppie agreed to meet me for lunch.
He said he was afraid not too. Apparently I sounded so depressed, he felt my request with the force of a command. He told me he thought it would be something like me asking for a divorce, or wanting to quit my job, or something equally catastrophic. I told him, truthfully, that I was just so sure he was going to say no, I was already depressed about it. In my mind I was making alternate plans to spend money shopping so I could feel better.
Anyway, we had a very nice lunch together and he let me just talk, which is something I haven't done for awhile.
Then I drove back to the office.
What could be nicer than a drive to the office with the roof open, the windows down and my unbound hair streaming in the wind. Yeah, yeah, I know. Tomorrow, tangles, but today, THE WORLD!

Edit: And I just got a compliment on my beautiful, if unruly, hair. Which I have to say is looking mightly spectacular today.
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