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The rest of the day

I curbed the impulse to go shopping and spend lots of money. Or at least, I sublimated by going to REECW's shop and picking up the Crunchie I never gave hoppie all those many moons ago. REECW seems quite happy on day 1 of his not working for Widget 1. He was happily ordering the UPS guy around. His wife wasn't in, but there was another guy working the register.

I bought a bottle of sparkling apple juice, because it was on sale.
I got the infamous Crunchie.
And Crunchie bites for me. (they're in the fridge now, I couldn't eat the whole bag)
And Cadbury chocolate eclaires, because I was curious
And Cadbury Starbar, same.
A half price box of mixed assorted Cadbury chocolates for the bowl
And my amazing purchase was the Kings & Queens of Scotland playing cards.
I had thought it was a version of the Monarchs game, because they had a deck of Monarchs, but it looks more like my presidents playing cards, now that I've opened the box.
They had a whole set of them: in the store, and more on their websites.
They do have a Monarchs of Scotland, though (as I see from the website). It's not in the store, but I may ask REECW if he can get that one.
Edit: And update AGAIN, REECW is going to special order Monarchs of Scotland for me. Tril, are you ready?

Hoppie mowed the lawn which muchly required it.
It didn't rain last night.
And I absolutely trounced my own high score on Pokéman pinball.
Happy Birthday, solies.
And I'm really amused by this Kosher style website.
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