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Catching up my nonsence...

(gacked from jdmiller)
1. I rewatch 70s and 80s TV shows. Some people watch movies, but I just watch the same TV shows over and over.
2. I catalog every book I own (except romance novels, which I treat like disposable contacts or cheap tupperware). I write down author, genre, illustrator, editor, publishing date, original published date, I write down who wrote the intros, ISBN number, price, hardcover/softcover, new/used status when purchased and others. I do the same with DVDs and videos I own; series information, title, subtitle, taglines, special features, writer, director, actors, run time, and other information.
3. I always try to check out the new sci-fi TV shows and serials. I don't like them all, but the ones I do like, I stick with far beyond the "jump the shark" point.
4. I review incidents in my life to see if they're worth blogging. I imagine in my head what I'll say when I finally get to a place where I can blog about it.
5. I obsessively quote songs, movies, books, and TVshows in casual conversation, even if the quote is only tangentially related to the conversation.

(tag from themightyrando
Twilight in Paris - Jem and the Holograms
The Price of Love - Bon Jovi
Same Old Lang Syne - Don Fogelberg
The Lonely One - Bonny Rait

Say It Isn't So - The Outfield
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