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Dreams: The Ball and the Laptop

I had a variety of interesting dreams this weekend:

Friday night
It actually should be "the weekend" because the weekend was a wedding weekend where many singles mingled to try to find the perfect girl. Early on in the dream, I was one of the guys and I'd decided on the same girl as one other guy, but then as the dream wore off, those two guys continued to hover over here, but I was my own girl, me, and I wanted one of her guys. I'm trying to remember which one. I think the blonde. (There was a blonde and a brunette, and no, they did NOT look like Bo and Luke Duke.) I had thought originally that I'd take whichever she didn't pick, but then I realized I was in love with one of them. I felt too awkward or shy to make a move, so I let her choose the one she wanted then indicated to the remaining one, who was the one I was interested in, that I was interested.
He rebuffed me, or didn't even notice me, which I think is more likely, so I went back to my parents table and sat down with them My parents were understandably concerned, because I was the princess and part of this party was to let me choose a husband. And my dad (who was my real dad) said, "So just choose." But I shook my head. And my mother said, "Oh, honey. You've fallen in love, haven't you." with just this heartbroken voice. I nodded.
They started handing out wedding presents and my dad took mine, even though I told him there wasn't going to be a wedding. "Well, you may be glad of it anyway." he said.
I don't think the dream ended there, but that's all I remember,

Saturday night
I dreamt I was at a friend's house along with his two brothers, playing with his laptop. I had it balanced on the edge of a chair, and I was holding the laptop so it wouldn't fall, but they were freaking out anyway. Louis asked me why I didn't buy my own laptop, and I said I really couldn't justify the expense and I didn't have the money.
The boys offered to pay for the laptop to get me stop fiddling with their and I accepted so I logged on, picked the laptop, got to the payment screen ,authorized payment and then a final payment screen came up asking me which of the three accounts I wanted to take the money out of. When I looked at that, I realized it was inappropriate and wrong of me to take money like that for something I didn't actually need, from people who were really just friends. It would put an unnecessary layer of complication into the equation. So I thanked them politely for the offer, but admitted I didn't really need the laptop, and cancelled out. I then headed downstairs, walking out of my bedroom (I didn't notice the context switch in my dream, I suppose that's common) and into my parents room. My mom was lying down on my waterbed and she asked me if I still wanted it.
Thinking she was talking about the laptop, I started talking about it, saying how useful it would be...
My mom interrupted me, "I was talking about the waterbed."
"Oh yeah, I still want that too." says I.
"What were you talking about?" she asked.
"A laptop computer."
"Why do you need a laptop? You have a new computer." referring to this beautiful G5 at which I sit typing, although it's not hardly new anymore.
"And I love my computer." True enough, "But it's not very portable." Also true.
"How often do you need it to be? Can't be that much?"
"Um, yes it can. There are sometimes when you just need a keyboard." And then I remembered of course that i had my Palm.
Then I heard noises downstairs, so I left my mom's room and went downstairs to see what was up. The boys were in the family room, and my dad was in the kitchen fixing himself a snack. He was wearing one of his trial suits, so he'd obviously just come from work.
"Why are the boys here?" he asked.
"They just came over to hang out." I said.
Then I woke up.

Ack. All the focus on the old dreams made me forget this morning's dream. Alas.
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