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The weekend

I felt sick for most of it, but I muddled through somehow.
Went to Rocker's on Saturday night.
Sunday, I tried to give blood in the morning, but the nurse couldn't get a good flow, so after moving the needle around inside me a few different ways, she gave up and sent me on my way. Of course my arm felt all painful and damaged from the manipulations, so she gave me an ice pack and told me to sit in recovery for 15 minutes. So I was pretty much stuck there anyway. I had another bottle of water and some strawberry shortcake.
One of my coworkers, Kevin, was there with his wife. That was neat. Kevin is fun because he has the cube next to (where) RECW (was) and he can therefore hear me listening to Red Sox games in my office. Or at least, he can hear when a good or bad play was made.
Then I went home, and I was all prepared to lie in bed and be miserable, but hoppie wanted to get up and do stuff. Since his stuff didn't require me, I went to Lizzie's and helped make children's bracelets. That was both fun and easy, so that helped stave off the headache quite nicely.
Then I called my dad on the way home. He was playing with Nat and it was a fun call, although he refused to take the phone. At the end of the call my dad said, out of the blue, that he was enjoying father's day, but he missed me. "Oh well," he said, "Another year." I hung up the phone and sobbed the rest of the way home. Ugh. Homesick.
Then we went shopping for Father's day and found the black lable 100% Old Forester that they did not used to sell in this country. hrm. So we got a bottle of that, and a bottle of the regular stuff, and another bottle of a single barrel bourbon, because I wanted to try it, and then we went off to his parents. Where we had more strawberry shortcake
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