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So I have a new nephew, Kevin Thomas, born yesterday. Weight 8 pounds. Size 22 inches.

We may have sat a bit too close to the screen as it was hard to get everything in view. Rocker suggests this is because we have been corrupted by the proliferation of smaller theatres.
I didn't think Padmé was as bad as rumours had it. Ani was, pft. How does a boy go from "No! I won't do what you way, no matter how much sense it makes, you suck!" to "Yes, Master" in 10 minutes. My conjecture is that the the Palpatine wasn't just manipulating him psychologically, he was also using the force to bend his will and cloud his judgement.
Hoppie thought Mace should have agreed to bring Palpatine to trial and sent Anakin to get a containment device and killed Palpatine while he was out of the room.
I don't understand why Anakin and Kenobi didn't die when Grevious punched out the glass on the ship.
Now of course, I've just talked the movies to pieces with my coworkers and have nothing more to say. I'll open the floor for questions.

Dear sweet coworker,
You lent me a DVD yesterday. You did not leave a note or any instructions for me. Please don't be irritated that I didn't bring it back today. I didn't realize you'd want it before the weekend. Had you mentioned this to me, I would have refrained from borrowing it, so that I didn't interfere with your plans.
Do not be snarky at me when I apologize for behaving in an entirely reasonable way. I do not feel this situation is my fault, nor that it warrents you treating me like I'm a thoughtless jerk. Now I'm going to run home at midday to get the DVD and return it, but now I'm going to be irritated. And when I hand it to you, you'll probably say something equally annoying like "Oh, you didn't have to do that. It wasn't that important." and then I'll be even more upset than I am now.
In fact I want to get off this conference call and run home to get the DVD. I might as well, it's not like I'm paying attention to the meeting, because I'm too busy fuming.

I keep wanting to talk about the telephone, and it keeps not happening. Maybe next week.
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