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Returned DVD

So on the way back from retrieving the DVD from my home, I was practicing what I should say when returning it and how I should say it.
I had instructions:
1. Smile sweetly.
2. Hand over the CD.
3. Say, "Thank you very much for letting me borrow this. I'm sorry I took so long to return it."
4. Ignore whatever he has to say because the options are:
a) He'll thank you politely. You should assume this is what he did, and if you ignore what he said, you'll believe it is.
b) He'll grumble and grouse about how long it took to return it. If he does this, you will be annoyed.
c) He'll smile and tell you it wasn't necessary to return it. Then you'll kill him with your bare hands.
5. Walk away happy that he choose option a.

But he wasn't in his office. Which is actually good, because I'm really not sure I would have been able to follow my script.
But at least Lanna and M. came by for lunch. That was nice.
Edit: Update on the coworker situation:
Coworker: Thanks for returning my DVD. I hope it wasn't too far out of your way to get it.
Me: No trouble at all. I just...
Coworker: Blather...chatter...chatter...blather...
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