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Demon! I cast you out!

Ugh. So sick of hearing about basketball. I know, it's so unKentucky of me, but ugh! No more draft talk! No more basketball! It's over. Move on!

I'm still feeling sick. I'm feeling so miserable, I even dreamed about calling in sick. Then I remembered (in my dream) that we're not supposed to take unauthorized time off, so I was thinking, well I could go in for what's left of the morning, then work at home in the afternoon. How do I know it was a dream? Because I was in a shower that doesn't exist, trying to finish up before the maids came to clean, although I didn't do a good job, because I noticed the maid's car parked on the back porch which connected to the bathroom. But she didn't walk in me showering, so I consider that a huge success.

Meme gacked from kyttn.
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And my friend, Robin, the midwife, had a baby yesterday. 8 pounds, 9 ounces; 20 inches.
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