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More frightening than driving with my mother

Went to a Mystery Comedy theatre with some friends last night. Let me preface this by saying that it was in North Deerfield, MA, which is half again out route 2 from said friend. So a good 1.5 hours+ from work and home.
The show was rough, but amusing. It was the first night of the new show.
The service was terrible. I got a ginger ale at the beginning of the evening and then we didn't see the waitress again until Eric went over and told her to bring me another ginger ale when I was nearly done with dinner.
She brought everyone else's dinners, but she moved so quickly, I couldn't get her attention and someone else brought my dinner so I was uncomfortable asking her for my drink, even though that was pretty stupid in retrospect. Meanwhile down at the other end (of our considerably long table) they're ordering second bottles of wine, she never even thought to come down to us until after Eric flagged her down. And then Bruce was able to order a second bottle for himself.
They automatically give themselves 18% gratuity, and Eric refused to pay that. He wrote what he wanted to pay on his credit card slip. She brought it back having run up the amount on the original ticket. Well, Eric hit the roof in spectacular Eric style. The waitress explained that the gratuity was part of the stated policy (which, by the way, I just checked the website, which says only "30$, drinks and gratuity not included. No word about what the gratutity is assessed at, but lets' leave that. It was a big group, so I expect the 18% thing.) and she couldn't change it (and, by implication, neither could he.) He demanded to speak to the manager. Meanwhile, everyone else is leaving. I did leave the 18%, but in insultingly exact (38.56$) change (although Eric told me that the insult would go over her head.) The manager comes and asks Eric what's wrong. He explains that the food was terrible, the show was bad, and the service was worst of all, and he doesn't feel like he should have to pay extra for such substandard service. It's not reasonable to expect one waitress to serve 16 people (our table) well. There should have been more people helping us. (Actually, I disagree. I think one person could have handled it, but she preferred to spend her time congregating around what she preceived as the richer end of the table.) She takes off the price of one meal, but leaves the gratuity at 18%.
Then we leave. The drive home is frightening. I'd forgotten how much I hate driving with Eric. He was alarming. Sidney was hysterical though. He kept saying, "Watch the road, stupid! You're gonna kill us." in his cute accent.
I must have internalized much of the ride, because I had a dream I was visiting my mother and she was driving freaky scary and ended up blowing out all four tires down to the rims. She made us take pictures. Sadly, I don't still have them, that being a dream and all.

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