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Now as the sweet imbecilities tumble so lavishly onto her lap

This one involves me and hoppie flipping through TiVo and finding this show Coastguard 911 which seems like a Baywatch parody, but the girls look like the same ones from She Spies, so I convince him to record it, just the once, to see what it is.
It turns out to be the following premise:
The girls of She Spies were presumed dead on their mission, so the project was cancelled. Jack is back working at HQ and mourning the girls.
The girls meanwhile escaped, but they can't go back to doing bad, so they join the coastguard with new fake identities. This episode has them going back to the office for some reason. I forget the main details of the dreams, but they have pretty lame disguises ala Count Olaf (book version), mostly wigs.

I have more to say, but I think I'll friend's lock that post.
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