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In which Cissa and Bella visit Sevvy, okay, no one called him Sevvy, for which I'm grateful. I, like Bella, wonder about Snape's loyalties. He does seem to dance the fine line. He also confirms all the rumours which all this time I thought were untrue, that Snape does want the DADA position, I can't imagine why he'd want it though. I thought it was all just student rumours made to make Snape seem more evil. He's a deep one.
I feel really sorry for Wormtail, although I sense that Snape is protecting him from something, but honestly, I couldn't tell you what.
Cissa seems more sympathetic in this chapter. Bellatrix is still the same arrogant witch she usually is.

I had a great time at Lush Beads. Hoppie was annoyed that I didn't tell him about the Folk Festival, although I was sure, I had. I thought I'd explained that's why Liz had needed so much beading help the last few weeks. Of course, it's always my fault. I don't know why I believe people when they tell me I didn't tell them things, when later it always turns out that I did tell them, they just weren't listening. Pretty typical, really. Anyhow, that was so off topic.
Elaine stopped by to see me while I was "working" (heh heh heh), and I got to to do a bit of wandering. Lizzy isn't nearly the slave driver she pretends to be. Some creepy guy hit on me as I was leaving and he walked me to my car and then I refrained from running him over and he refrained from being creepy and threatening. I think that's a fair trade.

I got bitten all over on Saturday, but I did have fun with hoppie's family. There was a lot of kissing. For an unaffectionate New England family, a lot of hoppie's relatives expect me to kiss them. Mostly the guys. Uncles and cousins. Lyndsay was funny. She was drooling a bit over cousin Kevin (the elder), Jeannie's son (who by the way, has grown into quite the hottie) and lamenting the fact that he's related. Adam was having similar cognitive dissonance over some of the other cousins. I never had that problem, no one in my family was ever that hot.

Rocker's become quite reclusive lately. I know how he feels. I don't want to see anyone either, but for some reason, it makes me impatient him. He doesn't have a hoppie to drag him out though. I mean he does, but hoppie is much more effective on me because he's closer to the dragging. It's easy to push someone out of the house than to pull him out.
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