awesome ultimate expert hen (mdyesowitch) wrote,
awesome ultimate expert hen

Dreaming baseball

So in my dream, I was going to see the Red Sox play at Oakland. I got into the stadium and I was looking for my friend who worked there. We were talking and they started announcing the starting lineups. I scrambled for a score card, but I hadn't bought a program yet, but my friend found my scorecards from the other week, and so I started filling in at the third Oakland player. (In retrospect, it doesn't make sense that they'd start with the home team starting lineup, but that didn't occur to me.) Batting cleanup was Jason Giambi (this comes up later).
After I'd finished writing down the lineup and was able to fill in the first two batters a) 'cause I'd remembered the first name, and b) because in my dreams the Red Sox had played Oakland at Fenway the week before, and it was roughly the same (or exactly the same) batting order.
My friend walked me out and I thought we were headed to our seats, but I followed him to a barn. The main room where we walked in had horses (at the ball park?), but there was a room off to the right where the a capella choir was warming up for singing the national anthem. They sounded pretty good, and then they started doing this routine where they were swimming around in a pool. (?) I wasn't concerned about how people would see them, instead I was thinking how cold it was and wondering how they endured the temperatures. They explained to me that it was something you built up to and gradually your body didn't mind the cold. (Waking mind now amused by the idea that it would be freezing water in Oakland at any time, and especially during baseball season.) They started to march out the field and I started to follow.
My friend veered off to the right, instead of following them out, so I stood waiting for him, waving at choir and wishing them good luck, and watching the Clydesdale horses in their fancy bridles. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a stablehand (or some other type of boy) relieving himself against the back wall. I averted my eyes. When my friend came out, we started talking. I don't remember much of what we talked about, (beyond the obvious "baseball"), but I do remember referring to Jason Giambi as "crash mountain."

I made my first crafty thing yesterday. I'll post a picture next week. Or maybe tomorrow, after I've made my second one.
Tags: crafts, dream

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