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Weekend in review

Finally we see Harry waiting for Dumbledore. He's already being a whiny little witch, not believing that Dumbledore will show up, even though he said so. Dumbledore taking the Dursley's to task for their neglect of Harry was...something. Not sure what. I liked the idea that Harry inherits Kreature, but does that mean that Kreature will now be at Hogwarts poised to help Bellatrix? But, on the other hand, what were the options. Free Kreature, he goes to Bellatrix anyway. I like Kreature and I feel sorry for him. Sirius for all his "you know a man by how he treats his inferiors," did not acquit himself well in the matter of Kreature. In fact, my perception of him changed from considering him a somewhat loveable reprobate (Snape-baiting notwithstanding) to a real jackass. But that's neither here, nor there. It didn't leave me with the warm fuzzies about Harry's character if he has such a lack of faith in Dumbledore, who really hasn't ever broken his word to Harry.

Poker night this weekend. I was up about 10$, which I gave to hoppie because he'd lost his money. Once I gave him the money, I started losing. I ended up buying in a second time and went from "all in" (which isn't as easy as it looks in limit poker, which is what we play) to back to 4$ before we left. Hoppie at one point gave me back my 10$ but even that only helped a bit. Ultimately we only lost a dollar, because at least hoppie played well.
Christina kicked serious butt. I won maybe 3 of the umpteen hands I played against her.
What killed me was the fact that I got great cards: like I'd end up with 3 of a kind (one in my hand, two on the table) and someone else would have the same trips, with a higher kicker. Or they'd have a full house. The only hand I won like that was when I had a flush against a straight. Christina turned up a straight flush and I think hoppie had one too. It was a night of bizarre cardage, truely.
Sunday, hoppie's parents were busy or something and so we got a weekend off from visiting. We went to Bash Bish Falls State Forest, which "boasts," if you can call it that, being the tallest waterfall in Massachusetts, which is a little bit like being the heaviest 1 pound stone in the forest. We had a great time, but it was a very long day.
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