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Harry Potter and the wild weekend

First time I've been tempted to continue on past my chapter boundaries. I blame Dumbledore and his discussion of the Owls. I wanted to see what Harry got in Potions. Obviously he'd never be so lucky as to get out of Potions entirely, so he must have done fine.
I liked the idea of Snape's head of house returning to Hogwarts. It will be interesting to see that dynamic. Particularly with Snape playing both ends against the middle as I think he'd doing. You would think the Death Eater's brands would work both way, allowing the D.E.s to contact Voldemort perhaps not as easily as he calls them, but at least give them an inkling of where to find him, and if he was findable.
It will be interesting to see how he and Harry get along.

Lots of family yesterday. Heather said she loved me. Meep.
Also got tomatoes, summer squash, and green beans from my in-law's garden.
I think she knows I was kidding. I probably wouldn't trade hoppie for cherry tomatoes
even garden fresh ones
well, not most of the time
I think.
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