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Seven in one blow

What a fabulous day. After Hoppie woke up, we headed off to the do the same thing the rest of our family is doing, buying wedding presents for our soon-to-be-married cousins. I won't tell you what we got, but I will tell you we went to Walnut Creek to get it. (This is significantly unhelpful to said cousins, as I noticed more than one of their registry stores were located there.) As we were wandering about looking for the store of our choice, we saw the ice cream parlor of our choice, yes, they have a Ghiridelli's, and yes, we attacked like the wanton savages we are. Hoppie had a chocolate raspberry sundae and a chocolate shake and I had their "Strike-it-Rich" sundae and a strawberry soda. Now I was going to get just a glass of water, but I do so love flavored sodas, and I was thinking, some seltzer, maybe cola, and a few shots of strawberry flavoring, what could be finer? What they actually do with their soda drinks, and let this be a notice to all of you, is they scoop in a huge scoop of their matching flavored ice creams; which is way too much ice cream, when you're already downing a full-sized sundae. I knew I should have gotten the small. Anyway, we did all the justice we could.
We'd already put the presents box in the car and we took a little time afterwards to walk around and let things settle a bit before getting back in the car and heading to Lake Merritt to see the scenery.
We got back around 5ish. Maybe 5:30ish and Hannah was working on homework, so we decided best to leave her to it. Hoppie asked me to show him the balcony. I brought my book just in case we got trapped out there, as could easily happen, and actually did happen. Irene came home shortly thereafter (maybe 30...40 minutes, maybe 10, time does not exist on the balcony) and brought us blankets, which they keep by the door because of the cool breezes. She was delighted to see us out there enjoying the bay view, feeling relaxed.
Eventually George and Irene, in varying quantities joined us, and we started on bottle number 1. Then George gave us the tour, and then Irene took over. It's really a lovely house. We ended up downstairs watching the Oakland/Anaheim game with Hannah on the THX certified (No, really, certificates and everything.) TV.
Then we got called up for dinner (Bottle number 3 maybe?) where we devoured steaks, salad, pasta, and bottles number 3-6.
Bottle number 7 was consumed while watching Irene on a diet program on FitTV. Anyone interested, it's the French Woman's Diet. I'm going to try to come up with a link.
George had to be up early, so he went to bed. Then hoppie turned to me and said, "It's time for bed. I'm done." He stumbled downstairs and headed straight to bed. I went around and shut off lights, put away the food, and headed downstairs. I got some sleep and then I woke up. Hoppie's asleeping now. George is already off to work, and the world is quiet here.
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    And hoppie's barely 20 cousin is having a baby with his unwed babymomma today. Perfect.

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