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My weekend in the garlic capital of the Northeast

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We had a great time at the Garlic Festival. We got there a little later than we expected because we can't tell the difference between Main Street and East Main Street on a map. And considering it's a small town in a small state, they're really not that close together. Anyway, we eventually got there.
We came in near the main stage, paid our 4$ and got a garlic stamp and a map. First we headed up to get some food. Hoppie got keilbasa and we got got garlic and potato perogies. Then we wandered around looking at the art being displayed. We caught the tale end of Sally Ally Muffin Stuffin (seriously, I couldn't make this stuff up). She was doing a play about evil town councils with some help from the audience. We also caught some of the Akhila Ananth, Barthanatium- classical Indian dance workshop & performance. We went around and looked at all the displays, while listening to whatever music was playing on the main stage.
I bought a pendant which I will hopefully turn into a necklace.
Hoppie got a couple of shirts.
We bought some local brand sauces and I got some honey shampoo. (If you see me, let me know what you think.)
Then we tried to get some garlic ice cream, but they'd sold out. We were able to get little tasting samples, so we know it was good and got to feel even more depressed about not getting any. We did get some ice cream in compensation though: hoppie got coconut ice cream with chocolate chunks and raspberry swirl (three geeks and a redhead, it's called) and I got their peanutbutter mud pie, which was peanutbutter ice cream with chocolate chunks and a chocolate swirl.
While we were eating them, we listened to a garlic grower give us some basic garlic gardening tips. It was interesting, but we're so NOT spraying our garlic with fish guts. It's just not happening. I don't care how freaking good it's supposed to make them grow.
However, we did buy their fish gut sprayed garlic in a couple of different varieties: Russian Red, German North, Bogatyr, and I got no idea what all we have. I will look them up fir there's interest in knowing.
Anyway, something for hoppie to play with.
We also learned that he might be harvesting them too late. Better early than late in this case, apparently.

Before the book club started, we talked about a little about the "road" novel. That book that includes a journey at as a metaphor for growth. Amoung the books we discussed:
Llast Cashmiri Rose by Beverly Cleary
"Tokaido Road"
The traveler John Twelvehawks. Also Huckleberry Finn, who must be evoked in such discussions.
So, Bunny brought:
Lord of Sin by Madeline Hunter - regency book 6. Guys who hang out together (the usual club plot device)
She manages to keep personalties of characters in the series separate. Lawyer, etc. and they have different ways they relate to women. Our hero is the "party at my place" rake. Unredeemable. Good looking, charming etc. His uncle periodically claims that he's dying and drags his family together and makes impossible demands.
This time, he sends the hero off to fix a wronged gentleman, and then, to everyone's surprise, actually dies. The two guys who were supposed to inherit die in a freak accident, and now our hero got a whole different lifestyle and commitments, including the need to honour this deathbed promise.
The wronged gentleman is dead having left 4 daughters in Ireland. The girls make their living as forgers, but the ex-fiance of one of the girls steals a set of forging plates and flees to London. The girls must find the plates before the stupid ex-fiance gets himself or them, into trouble.
Cathy Maxwell's The Price of Indiscretion. This is the first in a series, The Price of Betrayal is the second. The half breed English/Native American story. She is the daughter of a drunk. They loved each other in Ohio as tweens and then her father attacked the hero for presuming to the hand of his daughter. The hero tried to get her to run away with him, and they meet again on the way to England.
Janice brought:
Beverly Brant's Record Time She's at party trapped by a boring guy, who's trying to get tapes passed off. She tries to escape and hilarity ensues. screwball comedy.
and The Duke by Gaelen Foley - 1st one of a series; Revenge book. Duke loves his friend's wife, and at the beginning of the book the wife is dead and appears to have been murdered. The husband sets the duke up to take revenge on the husband's cousin who he leads him to believe has done her in. The heroine gets raped and decides to become a courtesan, and the duke sees the cousin talking to her and thinks she's in on it. She pretends to be his mistress in name only to gang up on the cousin.
Andrea brought:
Elizabeth Adler's Invitation to Provence- charming love story that spans a couple of generations. An old women living in Provence alone except for a butler. She wants to call her family back to see her before she dies. She has two sons and some nieces, one of the sons is evil, and then a Chinese granddaughter (who is illegitimate). Weaved through this tale is her love story and the story of her granddaughter.
Their book club also read: The Witch of Cologne by Tovsha Miller - 10 sections for the 10 sphirot. And they recommended that.

I was sitting with my friend Rachel in an orchestra class. I don't know what instrument we were supposed to be playing, but next to us (we were in the second row) was Harry Potter and he was playing three instruments. Next to him was Lord Voldemort and he was also playing three instruments. In the front row were a few professors, and no idea what they were playing. The conductor, one of the female teachers, was disgusted by the way Harry played, 'cause he had no confidence, probably because he was a little skeeved that Lord Voldemort was sitting right next to him. She wanted to borrow some confidence from one of the other players and give it to him. I forget who's confidence she was originally going to give him, but then she hit on the bright idea of giving him Lord Vs. He absolutely refused to allow her to do that, so she and Professor Flitwick went into the back room to consult. Then they came back and she started conducting. Well it was immediately obvious, at least to us, that she'd gone ahead and given at least some of Vs confidence to Harry. He played all three instruments very well. Lord V. was furious and he removed the confidence and started cursing Harry under his breath.
I whispered to Rachel that we should cast a spell of protection over Harry. She asked me if we could do that. "It's not in the book!"
I replied that we ought to at least try.
So we subvocalized the spell of protection. I was looking at Rachel and focusing on giving power to the spell, and she kept an eye on Harry so she could direct the spell. It worked really well. Voldemort's curse started to bounce off. Lord V looked around to see who was protecting Harry, and Harry just looked shellshocked.
And then I woke up.

I can't remember the second dream now. I'm sure it will come back to me. Or maybe it won't.
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