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Yesterday: First thing, I got hoppie's oil changed. (Lowell)
They told me his brake fluid was low and that, by law, there's nothing they could do about it.
I said, "Well, what should I do? Take it to his dealer and ask for brake fluid?"
"No," says they, "You should get the entire brake system checked."
So I called hoppie's Saturn dealership and they said, "Bring it on in."
So I called hoppie and offered to drop off my keys, just in case it took a long time. He told me to just go, it shouldn't take that long.
He was right. It took me longer to get there (Haverhill) than it did for them to find nothing wrong with the brakes, top off the brake fluid and send me on my way.
So I went on to my midwife's office (Cambridge) to get some blood work. The phlebotomist talked me into seeing my GP before I went on vacation to get some antibiotics for this infection I can't quite shake.

Me: I have an infection, but I'm leaving town. Do I have to come in?
Admin: Uh, yes. When are you leaving.
Me: Tomorrow (lies!)
Admin: What time tomorrow, we'll see if we can get you in?
Me: How about today? I'm in Cambridge now.
Admin: How about 1.
Me: Maybe I'd better forget it about it and deal with it when I get home.
Admin: Fine. Now is fine. Come in. We'll squeeze you in.
Me: Okay.

So I went to see my doctor in Brookline.
He gave me a presecription for amoxicillin which I then spent 45 minutes at the pharmacy (Billerica) waiting for them to fill.
Work was miserable hellish, then we went out to eat with aaronb and his wife, and lensedsqo. Then I went home to sleep.
I had odd dreams; in one of them I beat up a kid because he kept teasing me and other kids about being Jewish. Stupid stuff like "Jews shouldn't sing the national anthem 'cause Jews aren't American." I politely told the adult (I was a kid in this dream) and the adult tried to smooth over the situation with jokes.
I said I didn't think that was an appropriate response and the adult said he that he didn't want to make waves or escalate the situation.
I said, "Then you can't expect me to go to you for resolution."
And then I beat the kid up on the theory that if the adult won't handle it, I will.
Today has been pretty hectic too, but then vacation and beyond.
Tags: chores, doctor visit, tmi, work

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