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So I'm watching a basketball game with some of my coworkers (including Jill's husband Craig), and there's no crowd. So you can pretty much see and hear everything. I start heckling Antoine Smith (although honestly, it's not clear if it's meant to be Antoine Smith or Antoine Walker of the Celtics. Since I don't know what team is playing, it's hard to answer that conclusively, anyway...) saying that his playing is decidedly mediocre, and he needs to step it us. So he jumps into the stands and challenges me.
"My playing is mediocre?"
"You've got to be kidding me."
"Man! Watch this!"
So the people I'm with wander off while Antoine starts tearing up the court and making shot after shot after play. I finally run into Jill and I'm explaining to her what's happening and she adds her comments.
"That's better!"
Antoine comes back over, "Not another one?"
"You were playing pretty bad." Jill says.
He leaves but another of his teammates comes and sits down between us watching and talking. It's not a real game at this point, mostly skirmishes between clusters of people, so they don't really miss him.

But onto matters less fanciful. We're safely in KY, for those of you who were worried. We got in around 9:30 last night. We passed Morehead around 7ish.
On Wednesday we drove down to Baltimore and spent the night and the next day with one of my girlfriends her family. (I have pictures which I'll post when I get home). She homeschools her girls, so we really did actually get to spend the day with the kids. If I ever consider homeschooling, remind me of this. It was nearly impossible to get them all working at the same time. Part of it is because hoppie and I were there and we're such fun to play with, but part of it is just that they need someone to work with them and it's hard to work on writing numbers with one while reading and practicing typing, etc. They did get a little work done, and that's probably as much as one could expect.
After we helped them get their Rosh Hashana cards out (using Shutterfly, so there you go, Drew). We composited a couple of pictures together so we had one picture where everyone looked good. And then we went to Lori and Leah's in DC. It's about an hour away. Lori and Leah suggested we do touristy things next time we're in town and invite my girlfriend+family so Lori can finally meet her. She's very into meeting all these people she has to listen to stories about. Just like sitpretty who everyone assumed she knew, but never actually met until my wedding.
On Friday, we went down to Charlottesville, VA to see filkergem and kyttn, and Faeryn who has a livejournal, but I don't remember the name offhand. We had a great time catching up with them. Maya gave me a box of beads which I shall go play with after I finish this entry and have a bath (My parents have the greatest bathtub ever. I'm actually sorta rushing through this entry to get there.)
We spent Shabbos with Lori and Leah catching up there doing the usual things, reading, napping, talking, eating.
Saturday night, Greg, Maya, and Faeryn came up and visited us, so we got to see them twice! Which makes this an amazing trip. I guess that's what a little advance notice can do. I must remember that.
Sunday we had brunch with Lori and Leah (how very retro!) and then drove to where we are. My dad is in correspondance with a number of people who are doing family histories of his parents. This morning, I read the Kutz family history, and thought again I really should contact my cousins in Lexington and Cambridge. Particularly with the holidays coming up. I don't want to intrude, but, then I think, well, if I make the call, and give them the option to contact me, they can always say no. It's not like I'm asking for anything from them, just giving them an opportunity to meet me and my family (hoppie), right?
I don't really know how to approach family. It's breaking my nature to reach out to other people first. On the other hand, that's what the season is all about right?
Anyhow, we're here safely, and that's what important for today. For tonight, what's important is making the kugel. Love to you all and for those who are into that sort of things: Shana Tova U'metuka. (Good and sweet New Year) Also Shana Tova Tikavau U'Tikatamun. (May you be inscribed and sealed for a good new year).
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