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A different dream

I was driving to work, and zig zagging something awful in and out of traffic at what felt like a high speed even though my car handled beautifully, bless her heart. I think in all the zigging and zagging, I missed my exit, but I took th next one and found myself driving next to Elaine. We parked next to each other in something that bares no resemblance to the actual parking lot in which we park. This parking lot was set back away from the building. You got to the building (a high rise) by going up three steps to the drop off and roundabout driveway that actually went past the front of the building. Then there were steps into the building. Elaine asked me to wait with the rest of her stuff by the car while she took in a first batch. I started to follow her to complain and say I wanted to get into work now, even though I just didn't want to stand outside. But then I decided, I'd rather help her carry the second load, it would give us more time to chat. So I returned to the car. The cake that she'd brought in, leftovers I believe for some party for Ross, was out on a table (there were not tables here before) and kids were trying to open it and I was shooing them off. Then suddenly, this was the lobby of the building and one of the parents tried to check it out. I explained again, this was privately owned cake (although in retrospect, I doubt Elaine would have cared who ate it. On the other hand, she did station me to guard it.). She apologized without sounding like she meant it and explained that they were there for a children's recital for the school that ran out of the building, so she'd just assumed it was one of the refreshments for that. Immediately thereafter Mitch showed up, his children attend a Montessori school, I'd just forgotten it was in the same building I worked in (yeah. whatever.) So we exchanged pleasantries and then Josh showed up. Apparently his kid is in the school now too. The table was full so I joked he could sit in my lap, and everyone kinda looked stunned and Mitch gave me the "over the top" high sign. Well, I thought that was ridiculous so after they stopped freaking out, I asked him about it. And he explained that well, these were parents. And parents have no sense of humour. Then I was being chased by people, and I went to an upper apartment? and ran out through the window, except that I didn't, because I'm scared of heights, but apparently I did enough for the film crew (???) I don't think I'm ready to talk about the rest of the dream.
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