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Before I update, the book club notes

I know I have a bunch of thoughts queued up to post, but before I get into any of that,

CT. Adams and Cathy Clamp Moon's Web New werewolf (made a werewolf in Hunter's Moon) and because he's an assassin, the son of an assassin, already a predator, he didn't die, but rather turned into a werewolf. The werewolf that bit him is the daughter of a mobster.
Robyn brought Kathleen E. Woodiwiss A Rose in Winter This is a beauty and the beast type story written in the 70s. The father puts the heroine on the auction block, and she's bought by a disfigured man (apparently), but he's paying her back because she was snobby early on when he first met her. But he's thinking he's getting revenge on her for making her marry everything she's always hated.

Jillian Hunter The Seduction of an English Scoundrel Regency romance. The rogue has to make up for a problem with one of his relatives and has to marry a jilted woman, and then they fall in love. It opens with her not wedding wedding where she's standing around waiting for the groom to now show up. She knows the groom is marrying someone else. She and the bridesmaid are scoping out the hot dudes. The rogue is checking her out too. When she gets home, she runs up to her room, and is delighted that she doesn't have to get married. There are weird little interludes of people doing wacky things. From what thing to another she never gets food. He dares her to wear pink.

Janice brought Loretta Chase's Miss Wonderful regency period (end of the regency period) It's a typical story of an outrageous character. The guy gets deeply involved with everyone he's in love with and his father has determined he needs to clean up his act or marry an heiress to support himself. He goes out to Bath to help his friend, who has the flu, get a canal built. He's trying to drum up local support. She's the daughter of the largest landowner. Very well written. She's noted for her character sketches with starts off her works. The beginning of Lord Scoundrel is beautiful, almost Dickensian. How this guy became a real jerk.

Catherine Anderson "Sweet Nothings" Is the story of a woman is on the run. She's stolen the horse from her (ex)husband. She's rescued this racehorse and she's taking him to a horse whisper because he was traumatized from a whipping. He knows the horse is stolen, but he takes on the horse anyway, even though she can't pay him. He takes her on as the cook. The horse sorta mirrors her situation. Exhusband and her mother-in-law had her committed to get control of her father's business.

Cassie brought Karen Marie Moning's "Spell of the Highlander historical/time travel. Girl (Jessie) works in a school and is getting a degree in archeology. Professor is in hospital and she's spelling him at his classes. He receives a shipment and she's supposed to catalogue it. She looks into a mirror in the shipment and sees a man and thinks she's hallucinating for doing too much work. "The highlander in question"'s history was stricken from the records of his people for some reason. Tthen someone starts attacking her and the man in mirror asks to be released and he'll save her. She faints. He ends up back in the mirror. The Highlander was wrongly accused of things and she wants his help to get out. This is an update of the previous volumes and ties everything together. (7th book)

Nicholas Sparks "The Wedding" sequel to The Notebook. This is the story of one of the daughters of the notebook couple. You meet the father through the relationship with the son-in-law. The narrator of the book is the husband, but the book is told from the wife's perspective. The story spans a year. The book starts off with the guy forgetting their 29th anniversary. He doesn't realize until he's going to bed that night. He tries to make up for it, and he's very upset. He is planning a big 30th anniversary thing, gathering the memories of their past to make an album or something. In the meantime, she visits her son in NY and he's not sure if she wants to come back. 2 weeks before the anniversary, the older daughter, comes home and says she wants to get married, and on their 30 year anniversary. They have to plan the wedding in 2 weeks.

Lucy Monroe's Touch Me She's a new author to watch. Her first book had a strong story. This was a historical, light, fluffy and cute. The hero and heroine go to bed sorta behind the scenes. It's a charming story. Our hero doesn't want to get trapped into anything, and he keeps touching her. He doesn't want to, but he can't help himself. She's doing her things regardless of the dictates of the society. Come up and see me sometime is a contemporary.

Lynn Kerstan Dangerous Passions 2nd book (first is Dangerous Deceoptions) Secret spy post waterloo. Back in England chasing criminals. Colonel brought back to find what's suspected to be a serial criminal, but the local magistrates don't recognize the pattern. He is teamed up with a lady who is a professional flirt. Works with women's issues. Heiress who does not want to marry. They get together and are pretending to be bethrothed to move around society, but it's obvious she hates him, but he can't figure out why. In between the chapters are letters that were sent to her by her "boyfriend" and he was killed at waterloo and the Colonel was his CO and he testified against him and had him branded a traitor. She's going to use this opportunity to get revenge on the colonel, so she's going to dishonour him, so he'll be in disgrace just like her boyfriend. The more she works with him, the more she realizes how honourable he is, and it doesn't make sense that he'd be involved in a false accusation. The serial killer is trying to punish people who were involved in the death of an innocent.
You should read the 1st one before the second.

Next book club is November 15th, at Bunny's in the new space!
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