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Various and sundry updates

There were two dreams, one, the dream of the mothers of friends where I was visiting KY and had no car so people's mothers kept driving me around. I was accepting a ride back to Cincinnati (?) with Tril and her mother (why they were in KY is another matter) and explaining to them how ridiculous I felt. The night before I'd gone to a movie with Judy's mom. She'd wanted to see the movie and I knew that, so I'd asked her, but still. And the day before, someone else's mom had picked me up and taken me somewhere. Burning off travel anxiety, I'm sure.
In the other dream, I was at a bookstore where lizzylizzy was working (again ?). She was serving a customer a carrot cake muffin (again ?). In my dream, the bookstore served the carrot cake muffins like brown bread, in bizarre slices. The customer wanted 7 slices, and Liz thought she only had six and went to make some more. But when I counted there was 10. including a top piece which is one I wanted for the frosting. So I took my top piece half (those were sliced again. Very odd). Her boss was joking about me helping out in the store, which I'd done before. Hoppie said, "You have to train her!" jokingly.
The guy hands me the cards (If you pick an Ace of hearts from the deck, you got some sort of discount) Ace of hearts first, so I know it's not rigged. I assure him that Lizzy's actually trained me to help out if need be. And then I realize that I'm excited because he has a chain of bookstores in Israel, which mean, being trained and all, I might be able to get a job there when I'm visiting if I find I need money/stimulation. But then I realize I don't read Hebrew well enough to work a Hebrew bookstore. I'm too slow. Then I get a glass of water to go with my carrot cake top and I get a cup from the sink. And there's a guy at the sink who says to me in Hebrew, "I'm using the cup" (oddly enough, his word for cup was Yiddish, says my waking mind) I said (in English), "That's okay. I actually want a cup," and take one of the cups stacked up on the sink behind the washing cup he was using. As I'm putting water in it, I realize it's all coffee stained and yukky, so I got to get a clean one. And then the alarm went off.

So my mother-in-law liked the necklace. I wasn't going to tell her it was handmade, but on the hand, I wanted her to know I made it. So I debated the whole evening. I had the presents sitting on the table because we had an extra place, so the waitress asked me if it was someone's birthday. I pointed at hoppie's mom and then told her I'd made her present.
So after the presents were given out the waitress came over to see what I'd made. And Cheryl was showing her all the loot when hoppie yells across the table, "And it's handmade!" And everyone looked at me like I'd grown two heads. So they all took a closer look and hoppie's dad said, "Now you made it, but did you have a pattern you were working to."
"No, I designed too...well, with some help for Liz. But it's an original design."
They were impressed. So I'm happy.

So when we came back from my parents house way back at the beginning of October, I brought with me this pillow that one of my mom's friends gave her. It's been on my bed, since my mom hates since, pretty much since the day she got it. I love it. It's a water pillow. It stays cooler long, I do usually have to flip it once or sometimes twice a nice to adjust the coolness, and when I do that, it sloshes a bit (not onto the bed, just inside the pillow, but it does make noise, but it doesn't wake hoppie, so it's okay.) Finally a pillow that can be refilled instead of just tossed away when it starts to go flat, and you can move the waer around to adjust the height even without refilling it. Anyway, I love it.

And my Palm broke on Wednesday. I probably would have tried to make do with hoppie's for a couple of days until I could think about what to do, but I was in panic mode for the Chicago trip, so I went out and bought myself a new one. The combination of features/price/availability led me to the T|X, which doesn't have a keyboard at the moment. I have it fairly loaded up although I'm thinking of throwing a few more trial games on there now that I have color to play with. I could become very dangerous.

I got that new printer I was wanting. The high end model (oooh, card reader) was on sale for just 80$ more than I was willing to pay for the low end model. Since I was willing to pay 70$ for the low end, which normally sells for 100$ and I hadn't even considered bying this one which sells for 100$ more than that normally, I was pretty happy with the sale. (For those who can't follow my broken logic, the printer was 150$ instead of 200$). I also picked up some writeables DVDs and CDs to test it on.
More on that in future updates, I'm sure.

Oh, and I saw Serenity. I'm annoyed that they killed Wash. There was zero reason for it. Was he trying to make Zoe angsty? I only got that once, when she ran out against the reavers. Then nothing. As for River, the happiest Mary Sue in Mary Sue land. BLECH. She's a terrible character used badly. Nothing like a little deus ex machina" to wrap things up for you. On the other hand, Simon looks way more yummy on the big screen. Not to Wash level, but still.
I loved the assassin. He was just so funny in his reliance on pithy tag lines. Assassins should be more creative if they want to survive.
Hoppie was delighted with the way Kaylee was written. I was too. She's lighthearted amusement.
Anyone who wants to see it again, Jill's sister wants to go next week, so I promised I go with her, even though Wash DIES! for cying out loud.

Probably more things happened, but it's time to wake my Beauty.
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